Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure

Meet the shy yet lovable hog-bunny Gnart who has to make it to the dentist by sundown.
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Hogworld: Gnart's Adventure is a a children's adventure sidescrolling game which bills itself as an interactive story. It follows the young, adorable "hogbunny" Gnart on his journey through creepy forests, dark mines, and a host of other environments to reach the dentist, meeting many helpful critters along the way. His journey is shadowed by rumors of "The Creeper", a frightening beast which could show itself at any turn.

The game itself is a 2.5D sidescroller which relies on user clicks to unveil a linear narrative. Movement is executed by clicking and holding at the side of the screen. If it's ever unclear what to click on next, an increasingly obvious ripple effect occurs at the next place of interaction. The story is split into scenes which can be selected at will from the menu. There are also a couple of minigame stages; performance in these does not impact the subsequent storyline (they cannot be "lost"). Nonetheless, perfectionists may find them a unique challenge, as well as the task of finding hidden characters throughout every scene.

Sam's Protip: Game running jerkily? Use a lower graphics setting at the startup dialog. Even at the lowest setting things look pretty good!

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  • Superb graphics and nice children's story
  • Immersive, interactive environments
  • Find half-hidden characters as bonus gameplay


  • Instructions have not been altered from mobile app
  • Adults may find it boring to play on their own (it's a kids' game!)



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