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Highway Havoc 2.1

Highway Havoc is a very simple vertical driving game.
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Highway Havoc is a very simple vertical driving game. A huge earthquake is about to hit the city of Metropolis. Everyone is trying to escape, which makes the highways a mess of cars and accidents. In this game, you have to avoid crashing into traffic to make it out of Metropolis before the quake. The game controls are very simple. You move your car with the left and right arrow keys and accelerate and brake with them up and down arrow keys, respectively. You can press the horn with the shift key, but that doesn't seem to have an effect on other cars.

When you start playing, you will notice that most cars are going the wrong direction if they want to get away from Metropolis, which doesn't really make sense. So, you have to avoid cars that are coming towards you. There are police cars that move in the same direction as you, but they often crash with oncoming traffic and start spinning out of control. When a car crashes onto you or slightly touches you, you lose a life. You have three of them. You can collect extra lives on the highway. Some crashes take more than 1 life.

The game isn't too hard, and it made me very dizzy just playing it for a couple of minutes. I think the white lines on the road have that effect. The music plays for a while and then stops.

José Fernández
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  • Inexpensive


  • Not the best graphics
  • Music stops after a while
  • Not too challenging
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