Hidden Objects Romance Pack 1.0

Quadruple your Romance Stories with the compilation that includes some best-sellers.
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Quadruple your Romance Stories with this compilation which includes some best-sellers. Alice in Wonderland - Extended Edition, a great classic fully revised to relive a wonderful adventure. Inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel "Alice in Wonderland" Alice is bored, sitting next to her sister who is reading a book without any pictures. As she sits there, she starts to dream about the world around her, and sees a rabbit in a fitted coat running past looking at its watch! Intrigued, she follows the rabbit to its burrow and finds herself plunged into a weird and wonderful world that makes no sense, which is inhabited by fantastical characters. Help her to find her way through this strange world and return home. A Girl in the City - Extended Edition - with her journalism degree in her pocket, Laura sets out from her small-town home to take a bite out of the Big Apple! She dreams of becoming a freelance journalist with a major New York women's magazine, but the road is long and lined with pitfalls. And what about love in all of that? Aladin and the Enchanted lamp - Extended Edition, the fabulous tale of Aladin completely revised. Aladin, a young orphan, lives in the Orient. All that he owns is his small house and an old ring which used to belong to his father. Forced to steal to survive, Aladin wishes deep-down that he will grow rich and be worthy of Princess Jasmine's attention. A strange dark sorcerer appears to want to help him. But in the world of the Genies, Aladin will have to tread very carefully. Vampire Romance - Extended Edition - enjoy a forbidden love story in Paris. A young foreigner, moves to the famous Parisian neighbourhood of Montmartre in order to study at the Louvre School of Art. There she meets Uriel Ruthven, an enigmatic young man. She quickly falls in love with him and he introduces her to the bright lights of Paris, before disappearing in mysterious circumstances. Discover Uriel's strange secret.



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