Hidden Objects Crime Scene Pack 1.0

Triple your criminal investigations with the compilation of Best Sellers.
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Paranormal Case - Extended Edition: James is a young FBI agent recently promoted to the unclassified affairs department. During his various inquiries into unusual cases, he discovers an incredible international conspiracy designed to hide a well-guarded secret. Help our agent in his inquiries and get to the bottom of this mystery. Public Enemies: Bonnie and Clyde - Extended Edition: it is 1933 and Janette Jones Parker is staying at the Red Crown Tavern in Platte City, Missouri, writing her next novel. Her room is Bonnie and Clyde's old hideout and she finds their road map there. Help her to decipher the strange message left by Bonnie, and discover where the trail of these two outlaws leads. Profiler - The hopscotch killer - Extended Edition: the investigator Jane Smith has just joined the NYPD criminal affairs team. Before retiring, Deckard shows her the ropes. And it's high time to do so: a serial killer is on the loose in the town. It's up to you to unmask him.



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