Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets 2.0

It is rather an ordinary adventure hidden object game to play.
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Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets is rather an ordinary adventure hidden object game to play.
The protagonist of the game, Claire Donnely starts seeing strange visions and decides that she is due for a little vacation. So, in the hope that her twisted daydreams would leave her after some rest she is going to her aunt Rosie to Savannah. But, the vacation turns into a mystery. Aunt Rosie has left town for a couple of days and Clair is alone in the house. It appears, that, she was not the one who had visions, moreover, her visions become more vivid, so, she decides to find out why her aunt had to leave, and what is happening arround.
The storyline is not very challenging. Grapics and music of the game is Ok, and backround sounds are very nice. The game has one mode to play. As usual, tutorial messages will help you along the first level of the ggame, and if you want you can skip them all. Sparkling areas denotes hidden object scenes where you should find objects from the list given, and collect special items by completing scenes, or by finding them in a scene, as well as by solving puzzles. Some objects hidden were too small to find, some puzzles were too simple, and hints sometimes were useless - got stuck often.

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Andrew Do
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  • Nice sound effects


  • Too small hidden objects
  • Simple puzzles



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