Hermstedt NetShuttle DSL

Hermstedt NetShuttle DSL 1.2

firmware update for the DSL router
1.2 (See all)

After upgrading the firmware from 1.0.x to 1.1.2 and restarting your NetShuttle DSL, it is necessary to restore the factory settings. This can be done by clicking the "restore" button on the administration page of the browser user interface. Subsequently, you will have to re-configure your NetShuttle DSL once again, this is however necessary as important changes have been made in this version. This procedure will not be necessary for future updates.
What's new in this version:
Supports the wireless functionality (only by Wireless product model) Supports RFC 1483 protocol (Non PPP 1483/2684) Supports user-defined ADSL settings (if not already integrated in the pre-configured Internet provider list) Improved display of the ADSL settings on the expert page Improved Firewall settings: User-defined changes are now correctly saved in the different levels, even beyond a change of level. New pre-configured Internet pro...

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