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First all-in-one photography software that includes magical features-- ease of use...
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HDR & FX Studio is the first all-in-one photography software that includes magical features-- ease of use, lightning fast, sophisticated HDR processing, and a huge palette of Photo Styles, Effects, Vignettes and Frames.
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HDR & FX Studio features:
# Quick Edit Mode:
This mode enables you to quickly adjust your photos with Cropping tool, Automatic Enhancement, Highlight Effects, Noise Reduction, Brightness, Contrast, as well as Color Saturation adjustment.  Most image editing tasks can be quickly and easily done in this mode. 
Automatic enhancement empowers you with innovative technology that automatically enhances the detail, color and contrast of a single standard jpeg images with only one click.
The Highlight Effects are a collection of Histagram-like photographic effects, with vignettes and borders to perfectly finish out and frame your image.
# Advanced Photo Effects Mode:
If you need more involved photo changes, our sophisticated Photo Effect Feature provides you more freedom to create unlimited styles, utilizing more than 30 elaborate Photo Effects, such as Lomo, Analog style, Retro, Black & White, Old Style, Texture, and Neon etc. 
Photo Effects further combines them with more than 50 different Vignettes and Frames, to allow you to assemble the image you desire!
Our Photo Effect Mode brings back the look, feel, fun and innovative beauty of the famous Photographs made in darkroom of the past, as well as modern digital studios.
# HDR Mode:
Multiple Exposures and Tone Mapping come together in our world class HDR technologies, with masterful alignment, ghost removal, and local tone mapping, to create amazing HDR photos easily.
 Our Alignment technology works so well, that even handheld multi-shot sets, come out beautifully -- you may never need a tripod again to made great HDR images.
Ghost Removal features enable you to shoot amid moving objects in your HDR image, as minor object movements during the multi-shot capture are automatically compensated for in the final image, allowing you to always get a clean and clear outcome.
 Ranging from the surreal to the ultra faithful photorealistic, our two Tone Mapping engines allow for the full range of expression based on your desires.
Support resolution above 30 Mega Pixels
# Control and Fine Editing is Yours:
With over 15 parameters, in 7 categories, you can completely fine tune and control your final image.  Some of these tools include, curve adjustment, color balance, color temperature and tint adjustment, lens correction, highlight/shadow adjustment, white/black point adjustment, noise reduction and many more, all easy to use.  Speeding the process from source image, to final product, nearly all tools allow you to watch changes in real time.
# Raw File Processing, Naturally:
HDR & FX Studio includes a sophisticated RAW converter and supports RAW files captured by most major companies -- more than 150 camera models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and others, as well as those using Adobe (DNG). Newly released RAW formats are included in updates as they become available.
# Real Time Processing:
Across the board, we have made great strides in optimizing the visual experience for you, our friends, and so 95% of the adjustment and controls are speedily applied in real time! 

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