HD Mouse

HD Mouse 2.1

Mouse utility to program keystrokes, macros and clicks.
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Take your mouse from ordinary to Extraordinary Imagine a mouse that can perform as many as 96 functions - all from just five buttons! With Bella's unique HD Mouse technology, you can program keystrokes, macros and mouse clicks to any of the buttons, the scroll wheel or even mouse movement (X and Y axis). The HD Mouse software also recognizes which application is active and automatically loads settings for that application. For example, if you switch from browsing the web to working in Photoshop, the scroll wheel can switch from scrolling a page to changing brush sizes. Our Mouse... or Yours Now you can take advantage of the HD Mouse technology using our HD Mouse or yours, using the HD Mouse SW. With the HD Mouse SW, you get all the benefits of the HD Mouse but with your mouse (a 5 button mouse is recommended). Simply download the free 14 day trial version of the software to start experiencing the HD Mouse technology today! From Microsoft Word to World of Warcraft The HD Mouse technology can be applied to any number of applications, and we've included presets for some popular applications to get you started. For example, we've created a setting for iTunes that turns the HD Mouse into a remote control so you can adjust the volume, skip to the next song or pause playback from across the room. Some of the other uses for the HD Mouse include:

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