GS Project Optimizer

GS Project Optimizer 0.2

GS Project Optimizer examines various game production elements.

GameSalad Production tool which enables users to Analyse and inspect the GameSalad project for error detection and efficiency.
GS Project Optimizer, examines various game production elements and provides a full report back to the user of errors and areas for further refinement. Additionally the software contains a PNG compression utility, which could help reduce your file sizes.

Main Features:

-Report on Broken or illegal Actor rules.
-Report on Scene Instance variables in Prototypes.
-Find unused Actors in your Project.
-Report on the details of every Actor.
-Report on Instances on the Scene.
-Analyse Spawning rules, report on efficiency.
-Review Images in Project.
-Report on Illegal file names, which could cause your app to crash.
-Report on Bad sizing, resolution etc.
-Identify unused images and sounds.
-Review Sound files within the Project.
-Optimisation options including:
-Automatically rename illegal files, re-associated within every XML file
-Compression of your PNG files to save valuable space on iOS devices.
-Drag n Drop interface.

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