GS Project Optimizer 0.2

GS Project Optimizer examines various game production elements.
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GameSalad Production tool which enables users to Analyse and inspect the GameSalad project for error detection and efficiency.
GS Project Optimizer, examines various game production elements and provides a full report back to the user of errors and areas for further refinement. Additionally the software contains a PNG compression utility, which could help reduce your file sizes.

Main Features:

-Report on Broken or illegal Actor rules.
-Report on Scene Instance variables in Prototypes.
-Find unused Actors in your Project.
-Report on the details of every Actor.
-Report on Instances on the Scene.
-Analyse Spawning rules, report on efficiency.
-Review Images in Project.
-Report on Illegal file names, which could cause your app to crash.
-Report on Bad sizing, resolution etc.
-Identify unused images and sounds.
-Review Sound files within the Project.
-Optimisation options including:
-Automatically rename illegal files, re-associated within every XML file
-Compression of your PNG files to save valuable space on iOS devices.
-Drag n Drop interface.

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