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Free A computer version of the old board game of Backgammon.
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Growly Backgammon is a computer version of an old board game. So, there is little you have to learn if you have played this game before. However, if you have not, there are quite a few rules you need to know about to play it successfully. In this respect, although it certainly beeps when your move breaks a rule and it can also be even configured to show play tips, I wish it had more tips for beginners.

The app’s interface has been designed to simulate the real game. Unfortunately, its graphics are not what I would call attractive or sophisticated. There are 24 narrow triangles called points. They alternate their colors and are arranged into four quadrants. Each player will make their moves on two of these quadrants. Likewise, you have pieces, called checkers, again in two different colors. Fortunately, unlike in the real game, you will not have to place the checkers yourself. Then, two wins, you must move all your checkers into your home board. Then, it is necessary to bear them off.

As said, there are two players in this game. One of them is your computer. The other is logically you. If you are a beginner, you would probably set the computer player to dumb. However, if you want a real challenge, it is a good idea to leave it on aggressive, which is the default difficulty level. Regrettably, though, it does not let you play against another human being, let alone with anyone over a network.

Luckily, you can change a few preferences. For instance, you can change board color, choose to play with your keyboard and show the statistics related to won games. more

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  • Two difficulty levels
  • Can be played with your keyboard
  • Beeps when your move breaks a rule


  • Unattractive graphics
  • Few game tips
  • No multiplayer support


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