GradeWrite 2.0

Keep your gradebook including subject-matter standards, proficiencies, and assessment tools.
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GradeWrite is a Standards-Based Grade-Book program with Data Analysis Lab and the following features: Fully featured gradebook with ability to include subject-matter standards and proficiencies. Data Analysis Lab providing data-driven assessment tools. Ability to tie standards to each assignment. Ability to keep track of which standards have been covered. Requires no additional work for teachers other than keeping their gradebook. Ability to import student, assignment, and grade information from other programs. Ability to export student, assignment, and grade information to other database and spreadsheet programs. Report generation for students, parents, and educators. Works on both Macintosh and PC platforms. Standards resources for all 50 states.
Version 2 adds Lesson Planning, Web-Reporting, Attendance, Parent Communication module, and Customized Reporting.



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