Identify and upgrade 32-bits applications, frameworks and plugins.
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As part of the process to achieve greater efficiency, newer macOS versions may not support running 32-bit applications. The idea behind Go64 is to help you update your applications to avoid compatibility problems. Unfortunately, it lacks adequate help documentation.

The tool has an easy-to-use interface. In fact, there is not much you need to do to get a list of the applications installed on your system. For this purpose, there is a button to scan the selected disk and find the apps they store. Likewise, you can specify other search parameters. For instance, it is possible to search for all executables or applications only. In this respect, one of the advantages is that it identifies not only 32-bit apps but also 32-bit plugins, frameworks and services used by 64-bit applications. Fortunately, the results are saved between sessions, which eliminates the need to rescan your system if no changes have been made. It is a pity, though, that it does not support saving or printing a report.

There are a few other convenient operations you can perform, which are easily accessible from the toolbar. In this respect, you can launch the selected application. What is more, it is allowed to show its location in Finder and move it to Trash.

It is good that Go64 does much more than simply identify applications that need upgrading. Thus, by filtering scan results to show 32-bit applications only, you can go to their website and calculate how much upgrading the selected items would cost.

All in all, Go64 does nothing you cannot do manually. However, it certainly makes everything much easier by automating the otherwise painstaking process of updating multiple applications to their 64-bit versions and calculating the costs involved. I suppose that eventually Go64 will become unnecessary but, in the meantime, you can use this product for free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Identifies not only 32-bit applications but also frameworks, plugins and services
  • Saves results between sessions


  • No adequate help documentation
  • Does not support saving or printing reports