Gifrocket 0.1

This app helps you convert videos to the GIF file format.
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Gifrocket is a simple Mac program designed to help you convert your favorite clips to the GIF file format with just a few clicks. The application works with a wide variety of video formats, supports drag-and-drop actions, and provides you with high-quality GIF files.

This utility lacks an integrated help guide, so I had to figure out myself how to handle it. The first thing I noticed was that you need to configure the output settings before you drag-and-drop a video onto the app's interface. You can indicate the segment from the clip you wish to convert and the preferred width and output quality level.

Once you import the video, the application automatically starts converting it to the GIF format. Unfortunately, in my testing, this program took a long time to generate the GIF file. And considering the fact that I selected only 10 seconds from the input file and the program took a while to convert it, I definitely wouldn't use this app again for a larger input file.

Another thing I noticed was that Gifrocket used a significant amount of CPU resources while generating GIF files and slowed down the performance of my Mac. The app also lacked an option to select the destination folder; the output files are saved within the folder holding the input file.

Hence, I'd suggest you try another video to GIF converter. Even though it offers you quality results and is free of charge, I still think you can find better solutions for generating GIFs from videos.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • User-friendly and nicely-designed interface
  • Works with various video formats
  • Supports drag-and-drop action
  • Free


  • It might take a while to generate the GIF files
  • Unable to change destination folder
  • It occasionally uses many CPU resources while generating GIFs
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