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Allows setting reminders by simply dragging and dropping its icon.
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Gestimer is intended for setting reminders. The application is quite unobtrusive as it runs as a small icon on the menu bar. If there is a word to describe this product, it would be “easy”, as it probably supports the simplest way to set a reminder you can think of.

Thus, instead of setting a number of minutes the way it is usually done with other similar tools, you just need to drag its icon along the screen. This action draws an imaginary line representing time and shows how long it would take the reminder to be triggered. Then, when the value shown is that you are willing to set, you can simple drop the icon at that point. Next, the app lets you provide a description for the reminder you have just set, but you can disregard this step if you wish. Although the procedure is very simple, it is also quite peculiar; so, it is great that the application teaches you how to do it with a very brief tutorial.

Through its preferences, you can configure the tool to show a countdown next to its icon, which represents how long it is for the next reminder. Likewise, you can set it to synchronize reminders with the system’s built-in tool. Moreover, the app may be scheduled to start automatically with every system startup.

In general, Gestimer is definitely the easiest and most original application of its kind. The only thing I regret about it is that it does not allow setting a series of repeated reminders every a fixed period of time. Finally, you should know that the product is shareware and has a very reasonable price.

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  • Easy and original way to set a reminder
  • Unobtrusive app
  • Countdown next the its icon
  • Syncs with Apple Reminders
  • Allows providing a description for each reminder


  • Does not allow setting recurrent reminders

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