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Learn over 2,400 German words! - Yes, that's right, 2,400! And each and every one with native speaker audio.
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German FlashCards is a German vocabulary learning tool. Tthe application replicates the use of flash cards to help you learn and remember words and their meanings. There are four different modes available: Word, Meaning, Spelling and Listening. Each focuses on a different aspect of vocabulary learning.

The first mode, Word, shows you a German word and different possible words in English. You have to click on the word that is the correct translation of the shown word. If you click on the right one, you advance to the next one. If not, you will be shown the correct answer, and you can manually advance to the following word. You can click on the German word to hear its pronunciation by a native speaker. The second mode, Meaning, is similar to the Word mode, but you have to distinguish between singular, plural, feminine and masculine nouns, etc. In Spelling, you are given the meaning of the word and you have to type it in. Lastly, the Listening mode will play the pronunciation of a word and you have to click on its correct meaning.

There are several words in each mode and after you complete a round, the application will tell you how many words you got right and how many you got wrong.

You can load additional word files and create your own one from within the application.

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