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Gaze HD Fireplaces and More is an excellent collection of HD videos.
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Gaze HD Fireplaces and More is an excellent collection of HD videos. I guess you could call this app a screensaver, but it doesn't get installed like that. You have to manually open it and run the scene that you want. There are two versions of this app: a paid one and a lite one. They are identical in every aspect, except that the paid version includes more videos. The lite version has three different fireplaces, a waterfall in the middle of a forest, and a beach. All of the videos look great, but they are short. They are configured to play on a loop or to shuffle. If you play them in a loop, though, you will notice the sound fading out and restarting every 30 seconds or so. This can be a little annoying. If you shuffle the videos, you won't notice that they re-start but you will notice that the sound fades out to give way for the sound of the new scene.

You can run Gaze HD Fireplaces and More in fullscreen mode on any of your monitors. I ran my copy on the laptop monitor in fullscreen mode and continued working on this review and I had no problems running it that way.

From the main window you can select any of the included videos, or play them all shuffled.

All in all, this is a very nice app that shows lots of high-quality videos. The fact that the videos are short and that there is a clear cut-off and then re-start when you play a single video doesn't make me want to use this as a screensaver.

You can download the Lite version from the download link to try it before you buy the full version.

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  • Great quality videos
  • Hotkeys
  • Fast


  • The videos are too short



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