Fun Math Games Deluxe 1.3

It is designed to enhance children's Math skills by playing games.
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Hoi Chang
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Fun Math Games Deluxe is a nice application designed to enhance children's Math skills. Making kids acquire new information or practice the knowledge they already have requires special attention. Fun Math Games Deluxe offers a smart solution to make children sharpen their Math skills by means of game-like worksheets. This way, they won't feel the stiffness of the already-mentioned subject. The kids will just feel like playing, without knowing that in the end they will become better trained.

Since the program is intended for children, the interface is both attractive and easy to use. The figures that appear on the screen are catchy, as they feature soft shapes and different colors in vivid shades. Sometimes the numbers are displayed as floating objects – a feature that makes the exercises more appealing. Most of the time, solving a problem implies matching pairs of items by means of mouse clicks. If the answer is correct, a greeting message will appear on the screen, encouraging the “player” to go further. Everyone knows that children are attracted to computers – with an app like this, you will feed their craving for computer games while serving concrete educational purposes.

The program gathers more than 60 mini-games organized into modules. They cover elementary Math topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction. What is great about this tool is that you can adjust the difficulty level of most exercises. This way, you can use the program multiple times, each time with differently set parameters, taking into consideration the kids' age and their level of knowledge. The utility also stimulates competition, as it supports both single and multiple players. The program keeps a record of each user, so that they can check at any moment the games played on each account and the scores that have been achieved.

With this program, learning Math is both easy and fun. It can be used both at school and at home for complimentary practice to improve children's Math skills.

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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use
  • Catchy appearance
  • Proves that learning Maths is easy and fun
  • Covers elementary Math topics
  • Stimulates competition
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • Game-like worksheets


  • It doesn't provide congratulatory audio messages


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