Fun Card Studio 2.0

Reboot of the popular Fun Card Studio.
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Fun Card Studio 2 is a reboot of the popular Fun Card Studio. This new version has been completely re-written from scratch, creating a brand new application with a modern interface and feature set to fit right within Apple's new OS X 10.10 Yosemite look-and-feel. Main Features 30 1-Click Styles - allows the photo or card to be customized by selecting a style from a icon list (which shows a preview of what the photo and message will look like). Custom 1-click styles can also be created within the application. 15 Built-in Photo Effects - Including popular effects used by many applications and custom designed effects. There is also a "Vibrant" effect to match the visual style of OS X 10.10 Yosemite. New Text Engine with WYSIWYG Font menu - The font menu displays the font name, using the actual font. The new text engine supports effect such as drop shadow and outline. Post to popular sharing sites - Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. Compatible with Apple Mail and Messages app. Can be used with other applications via the "Save to disk" option. Shares in High Quality - When cards or photos are shared from Fun Card Studio 2, it automatically creates high resolution images, so that they can appear in high resolution on sharing sites (the version displayed on the site is dependent on how the site processes the image file). Visual Card Organizer - Automatically stores cards created in the application, with large previews and in order of how recently they were edited. Auto Save - Fun Card Studio 2 automatically saves cards that are being worked on. The autosave engine also stores previous undos, allowing a user to revert changes that were possibly made even months ago. Designed for Yosemite - Fun Card Studio 2 was designed to be consistent with Apple's latest OS release, OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

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