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Frozen Synapse is a great turn-based strategy game.
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Frozen Synapse is a great turn-based strategy game. In this game you control a squad of soldiers who have to complete different types of missions. Your squad consists of multiple soldiers who are armed with different weapons. You can control each of them separately, which gives you a chance to really plan for each turn. There is a great tutorial that explains the basics of movement, aiming, and cover. The tutorial lasts 5 or so minutes, and it provides you with lots of information about how the game is played and what you should expect from your units and your enemies.

Once you have completed the tutorial, you can jump into the campaign mode or play skirmishes. There are three demo campaign missions. I played the first one and I enjoyed it quite a lot. In this mission you have to take out a security team. You are given three soldiers and fifteen turns to complete the mission. A lot of flanking and careful planning are required to pass this and following missions. The game is really rewarding especially when you struggle with a mission and finally complete it.

The game graphics are cool and the sound effects are nice as well.

JF Senior editor
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