Fretlight Lesson Player

Fretlight Lesson Player 2.0

Access and view multiple Lesson Paks from Optek.
2.0.8395 (See all)
Work with various lessons for musical instruments such as Fretlight Guitar. Customize the experience of learning and analyzing various aspects of audio performance. Browse through the content of every pack, view interactive pictures, manage sample clips.

Fretlight Lesson Player allows you to view and use Optek's Lesson Paks. Each Lesson Pak contains anywhere from 10-20 lessons, all fully interactive with the Fretlight Guitar. Each Lesson contains interactive pictures, audio instructions, and play along MIDI tracks. Beginner Pak I is distributed FREE with each copy of the Fretlight Lesson Player. Beginner Pak one has 30 lessons, taking you from knowing absolutely nothing about guitar, through strumming, using tablature, and scale playing. A quiz at the end of each Lesson Pak test your knowledge so you can measure your progress.

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