Free HD Video Player

Free HD Video Player 6.1

This app allows you to play your favorite video and audio files.

Free HD Video Player is a handy application that allows you to play video and audio files. Regardless of the format of your input files, you will be able to listen to your favorite music tracks and watch the movies you prefer comfortably at home, since the range of supported file formats is extensive.

The program comes with a simple, attractive, and intuitive user interface that allows you to import the files either by the convenient drag-and-drop method, or by browsing through your computer in search for the files you intend to play. What is great about this tool is that you can enjoy the good quality of HD videos without needing to pay for expensive tools that support high quality file formats. In addition, you have the ability to take snapshots of your favorite movies and save them as JPEG, PNG, and BMP image files. Furthermore, the layout of the playing video files is highly customizable. Thus, you can choose among standard playback modes (half size, normal size, double size, and fit to screen) or you can apply custom dimensions to the displayed image by selecting a specific area of the screen with the mouse.

As I already mentioned, audio files are also supported. A feature that makes the difference from other similar programs is the possibility to select a device for rendering the audio sound. Thus, you can choose among 5.1, mono, stereo, 2 front 2 rear, and A/52 over S/PDIF.

The application is very simple. It is designed for home users who prefer a straightforward tool to watch and listen to their favorite video and audio files. Still, I consider that an audio equalizer and the ability to adjust the luminosity of the displayed image could be added as additional features, without making the program look complicated.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Free tool
  • Supports a wide range of video and audio formats
  • Allows you to play HD video files
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Customizable layout of the playing video
  • Can take snapshots


  • Doesn't provide an audio equalizer
  • No ability to adjust the displayed image
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