FrameThief 2.1

Create animations and sync animation to the sound.

FrameThief is a software package for creating animation on the Mac. The app is built on a plug-in style architecture. This enables new tools and feeds to be quickly developed and integrated into the program. Hotkeys can be assigned to most of FrameThief's functions, enabling users to be more productive. External configurable controllers, such as keypads and wireless remote controllers can also be used.

Advanced replay capabilities allow for real-time playback and looping. Looping can be customized to loop a section or the whole replay, delaying at the end. FrameThief incorporates time-lapse capture capability. A few clicks and FrameThief will automatically capture your animation. The Audio-Sync feature allows for the loading of audio files into the program; enabling users to easily sync the animation to sound.

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