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Ready to win BIG this football season? Let Football Forecaster show you how!
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Harris Bornstein

Ready to win BIG this football season? Let Football Forecaster show you how!
* * The 2012 Version was submitted to the app store for review on 9/7/12 and is awaiting approval * *
This is a simple to use app that imports key football statistics weekly from our website and computes predicted scores for upcoming pro football games! It analyzes the most statistically relevant team factors and uses them to compute a predicted final score for each team. The stats and analysis for each game are AUTOMATICALLY entered into the application when you download and apply the weekly stat file. NO MANUAL DATA ENTRY IS NEEDED. Each game is presented with the critical stats for each team side by side for comparison and pressing the 'Analyze Game' button shows the predicted final score result of the game and a detailed analysis of that game appears on the Results screen. Comparing the predicted final score to the point spread will show you the games that have the greatest variance, and therefore the greatest chance of being a winner! This app is NOT a game or a simulation, it is a tool to help you pick winners.
* NOTE: The app uses season-to-date statistics and is therefore only effective beginning the THIRD weekend of the regular season.
* Download and apply stat file from our website weekly each Wednesday by 11 pm EST.
* The app uses accumulated season-to-date statistics and is therefore effective beginning the THIRD weekend and becomes more accurate as the season progresses.
* Each game is presented on a team comparison screen to highlight statistical advantages.
* Analyzing each game produces a predicted final score which is compared to the point spread to uncover favorable discrepancies.
* Game Analysis section indicates which team is the one that is under analyzed.
* Stat comparison view is sortable and identifies team stat mismatches.
* Power Rankings, Margin of Victory and Schedule Strength stats are all presented.
* 2012 Team Schedules sortable by week or team
* Parlay calculator
* Up-to-Date Team news
* Football Trivia Quiz
* Purchase of this application entitles you to MAJOR discount on price of the excel spreadsheet program.
Why have multiple redundant apps when you can have ONE app that does all this:
* Predicting game scores
* 2012 Season Schedule sorted by Team or Week
* Comparison of critical statistics shown for each team
* Ability to create in-app notes about games
* Power ratings and cumulative team records are updated weekly.
* Football Quiz trivia game!
* Team News Pages updating with breaking news
* Live Updating Scores on Game Day
* Weekly Player Injury Report
This app is a translation of the successful pro football system that has been available for the last ten years at and uses the exact same formulas.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 GOAL: Please contact us at if you have any issues or questions before leaving any feedback as we cannot contact users through iTunes.
Using Football Forecaster will save yourself hours of research time and ensure you of a successful football year. Take this season into your own hands and get the app that gives you all the features you need in ONE APP!

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