Font Finagler

Font Finagler 1.5

Repair or remove corrupted fonts from your Mac.
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Mark Douma

Fix corrupted font cache files that are caused when incorrect or corrupted encoding vector information is used during the mapping process of the character codes. Clean these cache files to restore normal performance and if the issue persists, remove fonts to identify the problematic ones.

While Font Finagler 1.0 is partially compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), the Font Finagler 1.5 beta is now stable enough that I have updated the 1.0 version to prevent itself from running under Snow Leopard. (In other words, if you download and launch Font Finagler 1.0 in Snow Leopard now, it will prompt you to visit this site to look for an updated version, namely the Font Finagler 1.5 beta (see below)).

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