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Analyze disk space usage on a mac device.
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Scan specific folders on your Mac and generate a report highlighting the sizes of various directories and files. Speed up and configure the process by skipping directories whose size falls under a predefined value. Export and copy report data for further analysis of the system.

Folder Size Catalog is a handy disk analyzer that offers an overview of the disk space distribution. The application allows you to see which folders take most of your computer space, so that you can organize the folders differently or remove the items you don't need any more.

The program opens with a simple and comprehensible interface. You are provided with clear and quite extensive explanations upon the steps to follow to generate the report you are looking for. First, you need to select the drive or the parent folder you wish to analyze. Optionally, you can narrow the search by skipping small-sized folders from the scan process. Next, the tool calculates the folder sizes and generates a neat and clear report that will help you easily identify the largest folders. The application offers both path- and size-related information upon each item, as well as a shortcut link to launch specific folders for closer content inspection. The catalog report is created in HTML5 and can be saved and shared easily.

In conclusion, Folder Size Catalog performs a quick scan of drives and folders in order to provide you with information upon the folders that take most space on your computer. Its indexed catalog makes it easier to decide on which specific folders to move to different computer locations or which to delete permanently to gain valuable disk space.

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  • Helps you identify large folders easily
  • Neat HTML5 report of indexed folders
  • Can launch folders for closer content inspection


  • Doesn't filter the results by creation date


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