Flush Memory

Flush Memory 2.1

Must-have tool that will free up RAM on your computer.

Flush Memory is a must-have tool that will free up RAM on your computer.
Every time you close an app, some memory it used is converted to inactive memory and when the RAM is full, the system slowdowns: processes become unresponsive and you have to wait or do a force quit.
To avoid this, with Flush Memory you can free up some memory without closing apps or rebooting your system.
Try it before buying new RAM!
When you click the button, the app will force the system to free as much memory as possible. If there is something to clean, your free memory will increase.
☆ Works best on Mac with less than 4GB of RAM.
☆ Monitor your free, active, wired and inactive memory.

☆ Optional status bar icon.
☆ Optional alarm when there isn't enough free memory

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