FlexiWrite 1.03

Word processor designed for the computer monitor.
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FlexiWrite is a word processor designed for the computer monitor. Conventional word processors are designed to produce documents for printing. Yet many of the documents produced in them will never be printed. And many more will only be printed because the on-screen reading experience from a conventional word-processed document is sub-optimal. Conventional word processors present content in a rigid layout, with headings and images in fixed positions relative to text. FlexiWrite lets you scroll through text while keeping the relevant headings and image visible. So you can remind yourself where you are in a document without having to scroll back up to the top of the page. And you can refer to an image or diagram without having to scroll to it and loosing your place in the text as a result.
Because FlexiWrite is designed for the screen rather than the page, it spreads content across the screen, making full use of the space available. It does not unnecessarily hide content above and below the screen, as inevitably happens with page-shaped conventional word processors. It's pretty obvious that the content of a document rarely fits pages exactly. Because of this, conventional word processors often waste space at the bottom of each page, or headings end up on a different page from the content to which they relate. Top and bottom page margins also lead to an excessive amount of scrolling being required to read the document. FlexiWrite avoids all this by making each section the length it needs to be for the content, rather than the arbitrary length of an imaginary sheet of paper.
What's new in this version:
Added clickable links to help menu, so you no longer have to type the addresses into your browser or email client manually. Fixed the broken link for the "Check for Updates" function. Added 'confirm' dialogue box to the "Remove Image" function to avoid accidental deletion of images. Updated code for displaying the interface to ensure compatibility with future versions of Java.

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