Fireplace plays a looping video of a crackling fireplace.
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Jesse Lauro
License type: Freeware

Fireplace plays a looping video of a crackling fireplace. The crackle volume can be adjusted and the video can be displayed full-screen; these are the only options available to the user. As its source the app uses a one-minute-loop video of a fireplace; the looping for both audio and video is seamless, although repetition is of course observable to those who pay attention.

The premise of this app is that, whether for environmental, budgetary, or other reasons, real fireplaces are a lot less common than they used to be. Yet the hearth still provides many a mind with the comfort of a cozy home through a unique visual and auditory ambiance. This app seeks to emulate the experience of a real fireplace through the digital screens we increasingly surround ourselves with.

While the video in this particular app is theoretically 1080p, there were very visible graphical artifacts on my 1080p external display. I was able to verify, however, the dual-screen functionality touted by the developers, where the fireplace can occupy any connected screen while the other screen remains usable.

Sam's Protip: Works like a charm in dim lighting. Impress your significant other with a romantic LED-lit dinner!

Sam Lloyd
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  • Pyroparadise
  • Seamless looping


  • Only one fireplace minute-long looping video
  • No real advantage over playing the video on loop in Quicktime Player 7
  • Ad for premium version
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