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Findings v2.1
20 Sep 2018
Findings v2.0
29 Jan 2018
Editorial review
Findings v1.4
24 Aug 2016
Editorial review
Findings v1.3
4 Nov 2015
Findings v1.0
27 Apr 2014

What's new

v2.1 [20 Sep 2018]
Findings 2.1 brings new ways to visualize your research notes and protocols:
- Collection colors. Findings offers several pre-defined colors you can apply to a collection. Any entry or protocol in that collection will then be displayed with that color.
- Dark Mode. The entire appearance of the application can be switched to light or dark mode, or simply follow the system preference. Best of all, the feature is available on all system versions. When supported by the operating system, Findings will also use the system accent color.
- Sticky colors have been improved to stand out, yet be more legible and easy on the eyes.
- Entries with active content for the current day now stand out thanks to a prominent 'TODAY' badge.
- And many other small improvements to improve the user experience.
We also fixed a number of bugs and issues:
- Correct formatting of date intervals, for users who set a custom date format in the system preferences.
- Wrong sorting of entries by date.
- Contextual menu for the entry list now properly triggered by control-click.
- Issue when typing using a keyboard input source (e.g. Japanese, Korean, accents, etc).
- Select the 'Timers' item in the sidebar when creating a new timer, so that the new timer is actually visible.
- Properly locks title and summary fields based on status (not just the body of the document).
- Properly locks experiments marked as completed in Findings 1.
- Clicking on newly created attachment was wrongly and confusingly invoking the open file dialog.
- Crash when navigating the entries very quickly.
- Crash with import of some Word documents.
The complete release notes are available from the Help menu.
Enjoy and make sure you rate the app and tell us what you think!

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