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Recovers disk space by finding and removing huge files.
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FileSumo is intended for recovering disk space by finding and removing huge files. The application resides in the Menu Bar, from which you can access it by clicking on its icon. Similarly, you can set it to start along with the system. Fortunately, the interface is so simple that you do not need any help to know what to do.

The app scans the selected folders quite quickly. Then, it comes up with a list of those files that are using most disk space on your computer. In this respect, you can decide how many of them you want on your list (10/50/100). Fortunately, there are tabs to filter them by file type, for instance, music, video, image, apps, archives and others. Along with the list, you can also view a pie chart showing graphically how much of the disk is used by each type.

Each listed file is accompanied by a description of its size. Besides, there are two buttons: the first of them lets you add that specific files to an exclusion list. The second removes the selected file. Fortunately, as you remove or exclude items, the list is automatically repopulated.

Although the application takes practically no time to show the results, it is excellent that there is an automatic mode, by which the tool can search the system at defined intervals. Then, it provides you with instant results whenever you request them.

All in all, FileSumo can help you recover disk space by identifying and deleting those files that are using most storage space. Regrettably, the tool is not as convenient as other tools of its type. For instance, it does not allow looking for big files of a specific type only. Moreover, it cannot help you remove applications together with all their leftovers. The tool can be acquired from the Mac Store. By the way, its price seems excessive for what it does.

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  • Allows filtering results
  • Scheduled scans
  • Allows excluding the desired items


  • Does not allow looking for big files of a specific type only
  • Cannot remove applications together with their leftovers

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