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FileSalvage is a file and data recovery tool for Mac.
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FileSalvage is a file and data recovery tool for Mac. It can scan either your free space or the entire hard drive to find files that were accidentally or otherwise deleted. In some cases, those files can be recovered and saved in a folder on your Mac.

The application has three different modes, and only one of them is available in the demo version. The modes are Recover Deleted Files, Salvage All Files and Explore a Drive. The latter is the only mode available in the demo version, and it allows you to scan your free space or the entire disk for files that can be recovered. When you run this mode, a different utility included in this app will run on a separate window. This utility will scan your hard drive and show you real-time statistics of what it finds and how long it is going to take. The Recover Deleted Files mode works well if you want to recover a recently deleted file, whereas the Salvage All Files mode lets you recover data from a hard drive that you can't mount on your Mac for any reason.

In my testing, I started scanning with the Explore A Drive mode, and I found the app to be incredibly slow. I even checked the scan free space only option, for it to take less time, but the app still said that it was going to take over 12 hours to finish scanning a 500-gigabyte drive with 30 gigabytes of free space. I can't say if the app works because the demo doesn't let you recover any files.

José Fernández
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