File Encrypt

File Encrypt 1.0

It encrypts and decrypts confidential files and text-based strings.

File Encrypt is an application that lets you encrypt and, respectively, decrypt confidential files and text-based strings. Therefore, with this tool you can keep private information undisclosed to unauthorized users.

The program is very easy to use as it provides straightforward encryption and decryption approaches. For file protection, you just need to import the files you wish to secure, determine a custom password, and enable the encryption. Loading files is done exclusively by browsing for files from within the app, as the convenient drag-and-drop method is not supported. File decryption implies a similar procedure, but conversely performed.

Not only entire files can be encrypted, but also text-based strings. You need to paste into the left panel the words or phrases you want to encode, set the password protection required for text decoding, and the program will turn the written message into a ciphertext.

To sum up, this application offers a simple solution to prevent crucial information from being revealed to other users. With this tool, your private data are completely safe, protected by a password you personally configure.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Can encrypt and decrypt multiple files at once
  • Simple encryption and encrypting approaches
  • Turns words and phrases into a ciphertext


  • Can't preview the imported files
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