Fieldrunners 1.8

Defend your base by building and upgrading towers.
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Subatomic Studios, LLC
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Build different types of towers to protect your base against your enemies. Select from four kinds of towers: a Gatling gun, a missile tower, an electrocution tower and a construction that shoots a gooey liquid. Upgrade and sell your towers and get coins for each enemy you kill.

Fieldrunners is an excellent tower-defense game that should provide you with hours and hours of entertaining gameplay. Tower defense games have become a hit on mobile devices, and they are quite popular on PCs and Macs as well. Fieldrunners is one of the most complete and entertaining games of the genre that is available on the Mac. Your objective is quite simple: stop waves of enemies from infiltrating your base by using different types of towers. They will attempt to gain access to the base again and again, and you have to take measures to prevent that. There are different kinds of enemies, and they all become stronger after each wave. You have four different towers at your disposal. There is a gatling gun, a missile tower, an electrocution tower and one that shoots a gooey liquid at your enemies that slows them down. Each tower can be upgraded three times or sold. Every enemy that you kill gives you money to buy or upgrade your towers.

Fieldrunners lets you play in quite a few different modes. But you have to unlock them. At first, you will only be able to play the Classic mode, which consists of 100 waves. You only have four towers to accomplish that. In other game modes, you will have additional types of towers to use. more

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