FeedbackReporter 1.3

Free Framework for getting better bug reports from users.
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When writing desktop applications you are dealing with a huge amount of different installations. Tracking down a bug requires to get detailed information on what happened on the user's computer. But most likely you don't want to bother the users with how to make this information available to you. I wasn't really satisfied with the frameworks available so I came up with one that suits my needs. Hopefully it will also suit yours. Please watch the screencast on how to embed and make use of the FeedbackReporter framework in your Cocoa application. For further information please have a look at the documentation. Easy to integrate into your applications. Just include it as an embedded framework into your Xcode project. Does not overwhelm the unexperienced user but provides all information that is getting sent in the details section. No email setup. Just have the information delivered directly to your web server via HTTP. A simple PHP script receives the files and information. You can ship a custom shell script that gives the information you are looking for. The stdout and stderr both get sent to the server with the feedback. Auto-detects previous crashes at application start and brings up the feedback dialog.



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