FastScripts 2.8

Adds custom scripts to programs and system tools.
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Optimize the running of apps and the implementation of standard processes on your Mac. Select and customize the available keyboard shortcuts, enable "SmartSwitching" to prevent accidental script launches, and assign selected scripts to specific programs.

Macintosh computers support automating some types of actions, such as operating with files, parsing data and running programs, for which AppleScript is commonly used. However, MacOS built-in Script Menu has some drawbacks, which the developers of FastScripts have tried to overcome. The application has an intuitive interface, but it requires at least basic knowledge of what a script is and what it is used for.

FastScripts has the advantage of supporting not only AppleScript and Automator but also Perl and shell scripts. The application automatically searches the default script-containing folders and organizes the scripts there accordingly. Moreover, it can also look for scripts stored in any other custom location.

The app uses a way to arrange scripts that is much more convenient than the one coming with the system. For example, you can combine user-level and system-level scripts in a single list, readily access recently used scripts or edit scripts with a single click. Another advantage is that you can run any script using the keyboard solely. In this regard, it is possible to use hotkey combinations, which, in the case of application-specific scripts, only work when the related app is in the foremost. This means that you can use the same set of shortcuts for different applications.

Besides, application-specific scripts are organized in a way that increases productivity. For instance, it hides them when hides them when the application is not active or running in the background. What is more, when you run a script, the application does not switch away from the current application unnecessarily.

All in all, there is no doubt FastScripts can help you increase your productivity. It stands out among other similar products because it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the applications. The product can be used for free without time limitations, except that it supports only a few keyboard shortcuts. So, to avoid these restraints, you should upgrade it to its paid version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various types of scripts
  • Organizes scripts in a convenient manner
  • Does not disrupt your work
  • Uses keyboard shortcuts
  • Keyboard shortcuts may be application-specific
  • Readily access recently used scripts


  • The free version restricts the number of keyboard shortcuts you can use
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