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Fantastic Checkers is a Checkers game for the Mac.
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Fantastic Checkers is a Checkers game for the Mac. At only $0.99, Fantastic Checkers is a very inexpensive game. If you have never played Checkers, let me briefly explain how it is played. You can play with either red or black pieces against an opponent. Your pieces can only move diagonally and forward. You can "capture" your opponent pieces if you jump over them when there is a free space behind one of their pieces. If there isn't any free space, you can't jump over them. If after your jump there is the possibility to eat another piece, you can do this in the same turn. Once one of your pieces reaches the end of the board on the opposite end, it will be able to move backwards as well.

In the game to move a piece, you have to click on it and then on the desired location. If the move is valid, the piece will move. If you can capture more than one piece, it will be done automatically.

The board and pieces design is pretty nice. The pieces are responsive to your input and they were always moved where I wanted them to move. The computer AI in its default level is a good challenge for average users, but it does make some mistakes. Fortunately, there are three different difficulty levels. You can also play against a human opponent if you want.

Fantastic Checkers features two different board themes: Classic Checkers and Christmas Cookies.

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