Family 2.4

Genealogy application for Mac OS X that allows you to map out your family tree visually...
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Saltatory Software

Family is a genealogy application for Mac OS X that allows you to map out your family tree visually, associating images and files with each person and telling each person's story.
Easy to use
Family is an intuitive, attractive, and easy-to-use family tree application, where family associations are made by a click-and-drag, people are added and rearranged at a whim.
A Picture Says More Than a Thousand Words
With Family you can associate pictures and photos with each person. With the built-in iPhoto, iSight and dv camera integration you can easily integrate snapshots from your last family reunion.
Publishing Made Easy
Family makes publishing and printing your family tree a breeze. With tools such as guides and grids you can line up your family the way you like it. And the newly added zoom means your exported PDFs will look sharp even when printed in very large sizes.
Story Telling
At family gatherings there's always a lot of stories and anecdotes floating around. With Family's Story Telling feature you can capture those stories right into your family tree. You can also associate documents, such as scanned birth certificates and speeches, with each person; these will be stored with your Family album file so you don't have to keep track of them yourself.

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