EZPunch Std

EZPunch Std 5.7

Track time with a punch clock.

E-PunchClock Std is a simple TimeClock Program designed using a "punch clock" paradigm rather than a "task timer" paradigm. Simply push a button to clock in at the beginning of the day, and push it again to clock out at the end - no need to keep the program running or make a new "task". For network deployments, you may wish to look at EZPunch Client/Server.
Features include: Simple, one-button interface for general use. Note entry per punch. 12/24 hour time format option MySQL and PostgreSQL datastore support. Punch manager to edit, delete, and add punches. Password protection option for punch manager, user manager, reporting and exporting Report generator: Generate a basic punch listing report (one line per punch) or in/out report (one line per in/out pair with hours "in" and total hours). Time rounding-option to round recorded time to nearest quarter-hour, as is typical for many businesses. Unlimited users Dashboard widget for even easier punch entry.Menu widget to punch in/out from the menu barPunch export to excel, word, etc via tab-delimited or CSV files.Export to PDF and iCalendar format Script/program execution on punch Optional user login with passwordAccumulated hours display
What's new in this version:
New: Readfile system. Display messages for one or all uses on login or clock in/out New: Option to hide dock icon when menu widget is shown Improved: Added more options to menu widget New: Sandboxed on Mac OS 10.7+ New: view times on report as either decimal hours (current) or Hours and Minutes Change: Integrate menu widget with main program (so sandboxing works) Much improved report appearance Window size save...

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