EzMedPro 3.0

EzMedPro is Medical Practice Management Software that will help clinicians.
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EzMedPro is Medical Practice Management Software that will help clinicians automate their practice. This Medical Management Software integrates data entry, scheduling, Records Management, billing and reporting. EzMedPro, practice management software, integrates a Medical Scheduling Software component. A group view is a way to show the calendars of multiple providers at the same time on the screen. This group view can be viewed for a day, week or a month. EzMedPro is practice management software and provides reports on scheduling and revenue on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. EzMedPro is the medical management software of choice and offers an full scheduling reports on New, Confirmed, Canceled, No shows appointments. EzMedPro, Medical Management Software, validates the data prior to filing a claim. When the insurance claim is generated, it is 98% valid. The claim again is being validated by our engine in the clearing house and then submitted to the appropriate payer. DSOFT Systems offers a portal to view and edit the claims and re-submit the claims that failed. A report is generated daily that contains the rejected claims and the corresponding dollar amount. You can access your claims from anywhere through our web portal.

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