Exif Everywhere

Exif Everywhere 2012.1

Exif Everywhere for Mac OS X aimed to display and strip Exif metadata, GPS geolocation and other properties of JPEG, TIFF and RAW images.
2012.1 (See all)
MyLove Company, LLC

Exif Everywhere is a lightweight Mac application that allows you to instantly view the EXIF data of any JPEG, TIFF or RAW image file that you might have stored on your system. This way, you can easily find out information about any picture, like when, where or how it was shot.

You can use Exif Everywhere as a stand-alone application in order to view the desired information about the pictures stored on your Mac or you can install it as an extension for Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome so that you could quickly examine web photos.

In order to retrieve the information about a specific image file with the help of Exif Everywhere, all you have to do is either provide its path or you can simply drag-and-drop the picture directly on the icon of this application. Once you have done that you can view not only image properties, but also software properties (like the date and time of the modifications and the application used for processing).

Overall, if you are looking for a simple and flexible Mac application that allows you to instantly view the EXIF data of JPEG, TIFF or RAW image files, then you might want to give Exif Everywhere a chance.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Very easy to use
  • Instant data retrieval
  • Works as a stand-alone app or as a browser extension


  • Lack of settings
  • A friendlier user interface could be useful for the stand-alone application
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