Etchasoft Reports

Etchasoft Reports 1.0

Mac developer reporting tool plug-in for Interface Builder.
1.0 (See all)

Etchasoft Reports allows Mac developers to build reports directly within the Interface Builder/Xcode development environment. The product is an Interface Builder 3.x plug-in. It allows drag and drop creation of reports using its library of report design objects. Features include report header, report footer, page header, page footer, group headers, group footers, sub-reports and report numeric summaries at both group and report footer levels. Report fields can automatically grow to support the amount of text they contain. Images are supported as well. The 30-day trial will display a message on reports indicating it was produced using the software in trial mode.
What's new in this version:
This is the first commercial version of Etchasoft Reports. Includes the following new features not available in the final beta version: Ability to change page footer content at runtime, including manual page numbering, manually counting what appears on a page, etc. Ability to change data row content at the time a row is read. Note: Please see minimum CPU requirements which changed since the final beta.

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