Eschalon: Book II 1.05

It's a role-playing video game where your quest is to solve various challenges.
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Eschalon: Book II, the second title from the developers at Basilisk Games, is a turn-based role-playing game that gives you the opportunity of a fresh start for your character as your memory was wiped out (if you played the prequel of this game). You can select one of the available characters and, after the customization stage, you may start your journey to become the savior of Mistfell and the Northern provinces.

Exploring, solving mysteries, leveling up - this game has all the required ingredients to keep you glued to your monitor for some time. Eschalon: Book II helps you during your investigation: it allows you to constantly monitor your current quest and access any details that you might have missed the first time.

The only thing I don't like while playing this game is that the character walks very slow and you might have to wait a while to get to a distant location.

To conclude, I enjoyed playing this addictive role-playing game. Eschalon: Book II brings you numerous challenges for you to complete, dozens of options when it comes to customize the character's attributes, and an impressive storyline.

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  • Brings you a wide range of challenges, variation of monsters and items
  • You can customize your character's appearance and attributes according to your needs
  • Comes with various difficulty modes


  • The walk speed is very slow



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