Eon 2.2

Organize data for various time tracking tasks.
2.2 (See all)
Fuel Collective
Keep track of time elapsed since the start of an activity or start a countdown to a set point. Integrate the tracker with different online services and generate short reports on time expenses relating to certain operations. Pause and stop the counting.

Eon is a time tracker with Basecamp integration and a slick interface. Post your time to a large collection of web services such as Basecamp, Blinksale, freshbooks, and many more. Eon was designed with the user in mind. Easily setup, start, and edit projects. Spend your time working on your project, not our app. We get it. You don't need all the invoicing features, or other bloated features, just something that keeps track of your time. Step away from the computer and forgot to stop the clock? No problem, Eon is smart enough to pause the time. Work on as many projects as you want. Eon will let you add as many projects as you need.

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