ellV-Drum 1.1

Build your drum track.
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16 Drum Pads plus a Rhythm Guitar Track. ellV-Drum allows to create your drum track and take it to any music production software. ellV-Drum is smart: it reads the audio files automatically from the preset folder, you can move the folder anywhere you want on your computer and has easy to use interface. Drag and drop presets files. Reverb. Mastering (Compressor, EQ, Cut Off, Reso, Direction Mixer, Limiter). Drum Editor (Velocity, Pitch, Duration, Pan). Audio Bounce (16, 24 bits). Steel Rhythm Guitar Track (Slice Editor, Clear, Reset, Pitch Control, Pan, Velocity, Mute, FX). FREE ReFill Included. What is Included in the Free ReFill. 2 Adjustable Starting Rhythm Preset, Drum Bass= ellsound Kick Punch, Snare= Yamaha, Toms= DW, HiHats and Cymbals= Zildjian, Conga and Cowbell= LP Recommendation. To use any Refills for the first time, drag and drop the file ellV-Drum_Default onto the user monitor and then the file that you want to use.
What's new in this version:
Track 1 delay, Fixed
User Monitor, Fixed
Free ReFill Included

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