ElectriGon 1.1

parametric GDL symbol object for ArchiCad
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There are literally hundreds of 'dumb', static 'fragment2' electrical symbols in the GDL library, and only one from Cadimage that we could find with any parametric intelligence. However, this Cadimage object produced symbols that don't look like anything we put on our drawings (in North America). We wanted something very flexible - a single, 2D library object that could contain and represent as much data as we typically include for costing and design, including energy data for sustainable building - data that can be subsequently called out in our interactive schedules.
Starting with an object called 'ArchiGON' by David Larrew that can parametrically morph into a number of regular polygons, we began to modify this object (ultimately re-scripting it completely) to include more listing parameters, the ability to display its ID - as needed - and several other features, such as a rectangular shape option, a secondary polygon 'Outer Frame' (to represent trim, bezels, housings, etc.) and 'Prongs' to represent various outlet and connection types and directions. All of these settings we can change on the fly, using parameter transfer, etc. An uplight can become a downlight, a potlight can become a halogen pot, etc. these things do tend to change in the course of a project - that's design right?
The best part, is that the object can be customized for all of your firm's particular scheduling needs and graphic standards. The part can be modified and resaved, which will overwrite every placed instance in a file, without altering the various 'states' or representations of the object already placed in drawings.
What's new in this version:
After using Electrigon for a while in our respective practices, we had various requests to enhance some of the symbol functionality (more and stretchy hotspots) and allow for some common shapes that the first Electrigon couldn



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