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This app provides you with quality animated wallpapers and screensavers.
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Egyptian Pyramids 3D is a Mac program developed by 3Planesoft that provides you with quality wallpapers and screensavers for your computer. The application is very simple to configure, lets you choose between various images, offers you multi-monitor support, and much more.

Once you launch the utility on your Mac, it will automatically change the appearance of your desktop by displaying an animated wallpaper with images from Egypt. You will be able to see nicely-drawn animations with the Sphinx, New Kingdom Sphinx Temple, Valley Temple, and many others. You can hide the wallpaper by going to the main menu of the app (located on the status bar).

Within the Preferences panel you will find plenty of settings both for wallpapers and screensavers. An advantage is that the program provides you with an option to pause the animated wallpaper when you're running out of battery.

In my testing, the app used at least 10% from my CPU resources. If you're working with apps that require many CPU resources (for instance, Photoshop) and launch Egyptian Pyramids 3D on your desktop, you Mac might run a bit slowly. This depends on the amount of memory you have available on your computer.

Briefly, the program gives you access to nice representations of Sphinx, Valley Temple, and other important points of interest from Egypt. However, you should probably try the Lite version of the app first to see if it slows down the performance of your Mac or not. Afterwards, you can decide if it's worth buying the full version of Egyptian Pyramids 3D.

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  • Nice graphics
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Displays detailed models of the Sphinx, Valley Temple, etc
  • Available in various languages


  • It might slow down the performance of your Mac
  • Occasionally runs slow


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