Egg Farm

Egg Farm

Farmer George has a bit of a problem and he wants you to help him.
Crazy Monkey Studios

Egg Farm is a very simple game in which you need to click on groups of eggs of the same color to make them disappear from the board. The goal of the game is to fill the water well on the right to advance to the next level. When you start a game, there will be a group of eggs, but hens will continually throw eggs to the hole. You must be quick because if the eggs reach the top, the game will be over. The bigger the groups of eggs, the higher your score.

If you can no longer form groups, you can use the shake button to move the eggs a bit and form new groups. There are a few special eggs, called transformers, which will turn all the adjacent eggs to a certain color, so you can instantly eliminate them from the board. Black eggs are bombs and if you click on them, they will destroy all the surrounding eggs, White eggs also help you eliminate eggs more quickly. The game includes two modes: Adventure and Survival, but the latter will only be unlocked when you reach Level 8 in the other mode. The game offers simple but attractive graphics, average sounds, and suitable country music.
To conclude, Egg Farm is a nice game to keep your kids occupied for a while, but it is not recommendable for those looking for a complex gameplay.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice game for kids
  • Lovely theme
  • Two modes


  • Simple graphics and sounds
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