Effectogram 1.0

Processes and modifies live microphone recordings.
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Capture audio data from the built-in microphones of computer devices. Extract files in real time and applies processing algorithms to create an interactive sonic presentation. The application is customizable for catching environmental sounds and noise.

Effectogram is a multieffect sound processing app that takes the sounds from your computers' built in microphone and turns them into an interactive sonic experience.
Whether it's the everyday sounds around you, your voice or your favourite music, with Effectogram you can transform them into something new and exciting. Life's dull without Effectoram - augment your reality with it and experience sounds in a new way.
* Real-time audio effects to manipulate and shape the incoming sound from the microphone input.
* Delay, Pitch shift, Reverb, Robot and the original (dry) signal in parallel connection with individual volume and additional parameters.
* Audio / Music file import option - mp3 support (enhance your music listening experience with added effects from your surrounding environment)
* Record to audio file (CD quality .aiff)
* 8 presets - can save your own.
* Input and output meters for visual feedback.
* Supports different sound input devices - external sound card or a 'line in' if your Mac has one (for plugging in different instruments, like guitar for example).

Although most (if not all) modern computers come with a built-in microphone, you should make sure your computer has one (or you have a separate standalone microphone that you can connect to your sound card) before proceeding. Without a microphone's input Effectogram, unfortunately is of little use.

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