Easy File Hider

Easy File Hider 1.1

Quickly and easily hide files and folders!
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Quickly and easily hide files and folders! Your password-protected list of files and folders can be toggled between hidden and visible with the push of a button!
What the app can do:
-Make files and folders disappear
-Restore hidden files exactly as they were
-Protect your sensitive documents from view
-Clear room on your desktop
-Allow you to launch your files even when they are hidden
-Add files and folders by dragging them
-Add files by searching your computer
-Search for files in the list while you type
-Sort alphabetically by file name, type or status
-Optionally break aliases pointing to hidden files
-Optionally rename files to prevent access from recent file lists
What the app can't do:
-Hide drives, system or application files
-Hide aliases or shortcuts in the navigation sidebar
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to manage a large number of hidden files and folders.
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