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DxO Optics Pro is an image editor designed for professional processing of photos.
The utility has a workspace that is structured on three tabs, which allows for well organized work to be performed within the utility. The first tab, "Organize", is meant to allow you to browse your images and select the one on which you want to perform adjustments. The next tab, "Customize", provides a workspace where you can choose what modifications to perform on your images. There are presets that can be applied, which can refer to preset color and light adjustments, detail adjustments or geometry adjustments for example. Presets can also be imported. Some of the options offered by the right-side editing pane are to work on the white balance, to compensate exposure, to make noise corrections, HDR processing, or to apply distortion (barrel, pincushion and fisheye effect) or vignette. A color histogram can also be checked on here and, by scrolling the surface of the picture, the RGB color code will be displayed for any area of the image. The "Process" tab allows for a set of corrections to be applied to pictures and for output settings to be made, such as name and format of the resulting file. A nice aspect of the utility is that it offers a "First steps wizard" as a guiding tool for beginners, which can be disabled once the user is familiarized with the program.
DxO Optics Pro is a nice tool for processing images at a professional level, offering tools for making color and light corrections, as well as optical and geometrical corrections.

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  • It enables RAW conversion
  • A "First step wizard" is available as a guiding tool
  • Aside from color and light adjustments, optical and geometrical corrections can be applied to pictures
  • It offers tools for forcing parallels and rectangles and resetting the position of the horizon


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  • Image exposure
  • Dxo optics pro with geometric corrections
  • Dxo optics
  • Photo fisheye effect app
  • Automatic color correction app
  • Noise picture app
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